Shooting Tips

Broaden your perspective

The wide angle allows you to bring more area into focus and provides greater depth of field. The zoom range allows you to make small adjustments to the coverage of your shot for more creative control.

Don’t corner people

To maintain friendships, avoid having people in the far right or left edges. Subjects at the edge tend to be stretched out and appear wider.

Straighten it out

Shoot level with the horizon in order to keep both your vertical and horizontal lines straight. When you get used to the distortions this lens gives when you’re not level, you can use it to your advantage. Curved vertical lines can make buildings look large, imposing and dramatic.

Have fun with it

Create a funny caricature by focusing on your model’s head and tilt your position a bit toward the ground.

Be on cloud nine

These lenses will emphasize shapes and lines in the clouds, adding quite the dramatic impact.

Get up close

A common rookie mistake when using an Ultra-Wide Zoom Lens is not getting close enough to your subject. Because this lens covers so much ground, if you don’t have a clear focal point you can easily end up with a boring shot with no focus.