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Telephoto Zoom

An 18-55mm Kit Lens can be used to capture sporting moments, but to get into the game, a Telephoto Zoom gets you in closer from a distance. Telephoto Zoom Lenses offer powerful zoom performance for all sorts of situations, from candid portraits to sporting events, as well as nature and wildlife photography.

A unique characteristic of a Telephoto Zoom Lens is called the “telephoto effect”. This effect makes objects with distance between them look closer together. It creates a dramatic effect that can’t be achieved with a standard Kit Lens. 

Some Telephoto Zoom Lenses feature a unique Ultra-Low Dispersion (UD) glass element. The UD glass element corrects chromatic aberration. Chromatic aberration is quite common when using a telephoto lens – it usually results in a coloured halo or aura that appears around elements of your photograph. The UD glass element ensures you get that clear shot from any distance.

Some Telephoto Zoom Lenses often feature an Image Stabilizer. Even the smallest movement can cause your shot to become blurry. An Image Stabilizer analyzes the slightest movement and makes the appropriate adjustments for a clean, blur-free shot. 

When choosing a Telephoto Zoom Lens, you need to ask yourself how far away you’ll typically be from your subject. The longer the focal length of a lens, the greater the distance you’ll be able to zoom. Will you be shooting portraits or going for the prized picture at your son’s soccer game? If the latter, the range of 70-200mm is ideal. For snapping shots of wildlife and birds, 300mm is the recommended focal length.

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