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Standard Zoom

Making the upgrade from a standard 18-55mm Kit Lens to a Standard Zoom Lens will expand your everyday creative potential. Canon’s selection of Standard Zoom Lenses can provide an expanded focal range, bigger and brighter aperture, a more durable construction, quicker focusing and Image Stabilization. 

An expanded focal range gets you closer to your subject matter without moving. At your child’s birthday party, you can get great candid photos without standing in the way of fun.

A Standard Zoom Lens is durable in its construction, making it the perfect walk-around lens choice for the amateur photographer looking to upgrade their Kit Lens. 

Standard Zoom Lenses can have the ability to focus more quickly than a Kit Lens. This is useful when photographing something in motion. Less lag time in the ability to focus means you can get a sharp picture, even if your subject is racing by you.

An Image Stabilizer is key when you are zooming in on a subject. Even the slightest movement can cause your photo to go out of focus. This feature helps to keep your shots crisp and clear.

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