Shooting Tips

Good to go

Standard Zoom Lenses are smaller and lighter than most other lenses, making them good for travelling. Just be aware of lighting conditions, as they require the most ideal situations.

Blur the background

Adjust the aperture so it shows the smallest f-number. This will blur the background nicely, allowing your subject to take centre stage.

Get candid with your camera

A Standard Zoom Lens lets you take candid shots at parties, events, weddings and so on. Some of the most flattering photos are taken when people don’t have the intimidation of a camera in their face.

Be a sharp shooter

With any zoom lens, you aren’t only magnifying your subject – you are also magnifying the effect of any movement. Get the sharpest image by steadying yourself against a rock or a tree – or better yet, use a tripod. Some lenses come with an Image Stabilizer mode that instantly helps clean up your shot.